Jessup Paper Box is located in Brookston, IN and has been making rigid boxes since 1959. We manufacture two piece boxes, slip cases, clamshells, game-boards, turned-edge products and puzzles (25 piece to 1000 piece and tray puzzles).

We at Jessup especially place a high value on working with companies who are interested in forming a relationship based on solving problems to grow revenues. We understand that the most important thing is what goes into your box - so it needs a package that complements your product while adding value to the customer's overall experience.

We at Jessup Paper Box do not want just your order, we want a relationship where we can work together to solve your problems, help control cost, and be part of the most reliable, easy to work with part of your business. We have the equipment to make your products. We have the people to solve your problems.

Setup Boxes:

Set-Up Boxes are called "rigid" boxes for a reason. They're strong, durable, and non-collapsible which offers protection for you products. Candles, medical supplies, glassware, and candy are more items that are often packaged in Set-Up Boxes. When you're looking for protection, a Set-Up Box is the logical answer. Typical Set-Up Boxes at Jessup Paper Box may be made of .030 caliper recycled paperboard up to .060 caliper. For added strength, we may use to up to .080 upon occasion.

Set-Up Boxes can be full telescoping or partial telescoping with lids to customize your packaging in a way that complements your products best.

Nothing says quality product like quality packaging. Set-Up Boxes have no rough edges, no tabs to tuck or insert. They are sleek, uniform, and resilient, even after many openings. Our rigid products are individually checked for quality so that every box you receive has been inspected.


Slipcases are typically used to package high-quality books, several books, or CDs/DVDs. Jessup Paper Box has the equipment to manufacture high-quality, consistent slipcases for most typical books, CDs, and DVD cases manufactured today. Sometimes the thinner the slipcase is, the more challenging it can be to manufacture. We utilize different methods, depending upon size, quantity and type of wrap selected to optimize cost.


Clamshells are often found packaging Bibles. They are strong, sleek, and allow for some unique packaging to help your product stand out from the other products on the shelf. They can be made in a couple of different configurations, typically opening from right or the bottom.

Game boards:

If you own a specialized version of Monopoly, you just might be playing on a game board that was manufactured by Jessup Paper Box. Whether it is single-fold, dual-fold, or quad-fold, we can make a cost effective game board for your game. While we are at it, we just might be able to help you with your overall packaging and fulfillment of the game.

Specialty Items / Turned Edge Work:

It is not uncommon for our clients to send us a product and say, "design a box around this." While we are not a design company per se, we will always work to help our customers produce a box that fits their product well while being mindful to make something that may run on our versatile equipment at speeds that allow for an excellent cost to be delivered to the final customer. Show us what you have, tell us what you need and we will help.


Millions of puzzles have been manufactured at Jessup Paper Box. Sizes range from 25 piece to 1000 piece puzzles. You may have a custom die manufactured or use one of our "in house" dies, depending upon your needs. While no two puzzle manufacturers seem to make puzzles quite the same way, Jessup Paper Box has perfected some methods that suit some of our clients quite well. You should discover if our methods fit your needs.


Because we own State-of-the-Art Emmici equipment, our run speeds allow for low cost manufacturing at volume. In order to be competitive, some minimums must be recognized. Typically 2000 on boxes and slipcases while 2500 will be the minimum for puzzles.